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Thread: Strange positioning problems, PLEASE HELP

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    Default Strange positioning problems, PLEASE HELP

    I currently have a full .NET setup running fine on my workstation here at work, but I am trying to set up a development server that the programmers can all share for testing. My problem comes from the fact that the server seems to be compiling the code strangely. <BR><BR>If I throw a few items into the form designer, the code generated from that gives each item a style to position it absolutely on the page. Fine, this usually works. Except on the development machine it doesn&#039;t. All positioning elements seem to be ignored, even though the source shows the styles as being there. Textboxes and form buttons simply don&#039;t appear. <BR><BR>I am at a loss, seeing as how I&#039;m still quite new to .NET and do not know why this isn&#039;t working properly... or for that matter, why my current machine IS working properly. Please help!<BR><BR>What something may look like on my machine<BR><BR><BR>What it looks like on the development server<BR>

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    Default check out the forum on

    I am only learning ASP.NET also and I found that forum to be a good resource.

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