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    Hi Everybody,<BR>I&#039;ve built something of a custom e-commerce application which uses session variables to store cart information. I&#039;m not looking to get in a debate about whether session variables are the way to go but rather need help. Apparantly, the first time around of ordering, the shopping cart is fine. When the ordering process is complete and all the session variables are cleared (&#060;i&#062;Session.Conyents.RemoveAll()&#060;/i&#062;) it seems to not remove the contents on some computers. I&#039;ve checked the browser where it doesn&#039;t work and it&#039;s IE 5.5, medium security, cookies enables the same as my computer which has 0 problems. Could this simply be a refresh problem where it&#039;s displaying a cached page as opposed to the new page (i.e. an empty shopping cart) - and if so, how should I get around this.<BR><BR>Thanks Alot,<BR>SS

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    Default Set the pages to ..

    .. NOT cache.<BR><BR>See if that fixes the problem.<BR><BR>Search the for information on caching. There is a FAQ on "disabling the back button" that goes into it.

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    Default Check out this thread

    ...and see if that helps...<BR><BR><BR><BR>Eniac

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