I&#039;m having trouble with the UrlPathEncode method on the Server object. With ASP, URLPathEncode would correctly encode paths and filenames, but ASP.NET seems to have a problem. The problem is with "/", "\", and " ".<BR><BR>In a path, "/" should not be encoded, but ASP.NET is encoding it as %2f. Also, in a path, " " should be encoded as %20, but it is using a + instead. Internet Explorer (also by Microsoft..as if you didn&#039;t know) does not recognize the + as a space in the path. It only recognizes %20 as a space.<BR><BR>On the other hand, UrlEncode works just fine--it encodes what goes on the right side of the ? in a get string. But it appears that UrlPathEncode is just doing the same thing as UrlEncode. Of course, %20 works on either the left or the right of the ? in the URL.<BR><BR>Has anyone run into this problem? I reported the bug to Microsoft. If you also want to report a bug on this, the link is (from Microsoft .NET documentation): mailto:netfwsdk@microsoft.com?subject=Documentatio n%20Feedback:%20systemwebhttpserverutility.rtf,%20 UrlPathEncode%20Method<BR><BR>(BTW, the above mailto link didn&#039;t work with +&#039;s to the right of the ?)<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Henry.<BR>