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    Hi all. I want to have one window raise an event in the main browser window so it can refresh. Say like a forum that when you post a new message you do it in a popup window and when the user clicks on a link in the window it closes and the main browser window refreshes. Is there an asp approach to this, or is there javascript involved?<BR><BR>Thanks a million in advance,<BR>cris...

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    Default JavaScript.

    No way whatsoever to do it using just ASP. ASP executes on the server and has no knowledge of the browsers on the client. In fact, there may not even BE a browser - it executes because of a HTTP request, and gives a HTTP response.<BR><BR>That HTTP response can be anything. However, if you want to start passing commands back and forth between windows, you MUST use JavaScript (or client-side VBScript).<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Of course this is not possible with ASP, asp runs on the server and send pure HTML to the client. You would need client side script.<BR><BR>To access another window from the popup you use <BR><BR>window.opener<BR><BR>so to refresh the main window from the popup you would use<BR><BR>window.opener.location.reload()

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