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    I have some dynamic table and dynamic ImageButton<BR>Example :<BR>There are 4 table, each ID is "Tbl1", "Tbl2", "Tbl3", and "Tbl4"<BR>There are 4 Image button, each ID is "Img1", "Img2", "Img3", and "Img4".<BR>I want to put "onclick" subroutine to Image button. The subroutine is to make the Table&#039;s visible = false. So if I clicked "Img1", then "Tbl1" visible will be false. <BR>Can anyone tell me how to do this?<BR><BR>Script :<BR>For i = 1 to 4<BR> Img = New ImageButton()<BR> Img.ImageUrl = "Images/Icon.gif"<BR> Img.ID = "Img" & i<BR> AddHandler Img.Click, AddressOf VisibleSub<BR> Tbl = New Table()<BR> Tbl.ID = "Tbl" & i<BR>Next<BR>Sub VisibleSub(Sender as Object,E as ImageClickEventArgs)<BR> &#039;####WHAT SYNTAX DO I HAVE TO WRITE??<BR> &#039;####THANK&#039;S FOR YOUR HELP<BR>End Sub

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    The image object that is clicked is in the Sender parameter. You can check properties in the Sender parameter to see if it is the same image. For example, you could do this:<BR><BR>Sub VisibleSub(Sender as Object,E as ImageClickEventArgs)<BR> Dim imgCheck As ImageButton = Sender<BR> If (imgCheck.ID = "Img1") Then<BR> &#039; Process the first image<BR> &#039;...<BR> ElseIf (imgCheck.ID = "Img2") Then<BR>&#039;etc.<BR>End Sub

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