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    i&#039;m able to fetch data from an Access database, and am interested in generating a simple line graph with it. <BR><BR>i&#039;m interested in viewing sample source code on how to make this happen.<BR><BR>i&#039;m also looking for an on-line (or hardback) resource that lists all the classes (properties, methods, etc.) in the .NET platform. i do have the Web Matirx Class Browser, which lists out all the classes (and links to the MSDN which tells you the same info), but i&#039;d like to be able to see example code of these classes so i&#039;ll know how to use them.<BR><BR>much appreciated.

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    There is some pretty good examples of the system.drawing namespace in the Visual Basic.Net Bible, but you might want to check out ChartDirector ( The complete program can be downloaded for free. It is basically a single .dll that you place in the /bin folder of your site.<BR><BR>As the demos that come with the download show, there is a vast number of different charts that you can put together with very few lines of code in your page.<BR><BR>It&#039;s worth checking out.<BR><BR>Tt

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