different sub's in datagrid?

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Thread: different sub's in datagrid?

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    I put 3 different buttoncolumns in my datagrid,...and need it to run a different sub based on the link clicked.....How do I manage that? In the &#060;asp:datagrid properties...I have: OnItemCommand="doDetails"<BR><BR>But How can I use this with 3 different linking subs? Each sub calls a different page. Can I cheat by using the onItemEdit & onItemSelect when that&#039;s not what they&#039;re doing????

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    I still dont understand ur peoblem fully.. But then if my understanding is right... u have 3 buttons columns.. based on which one being clicked u want to do certain operation.. ??<BR><BR>If this is it.. u can cheat &#060; as u have said &#062; bu puttin Edit ,Select and Delete command ! I did try to invoke a diff procedure.. but it didn;t work for me also!

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