Hello everyone, <BR><BR>I am currently creating the Update, Insert and Delete commands so that I can update my Datasource. Everything is working great, but it is taking so much code to set each particular parameter. So I thought I would make a generalized method. It would look at the data table I sent it and set each of the parameters based on the columns within the table: <BR><BR>&#039; *** Set all of the rows <BR><BR>For intLoopCounter=0 to intNumberOfColumns-1 <BR><BR> strColumnName=objDataTable.columns.item(intLoopCou nter).ColumnName <BR><BR> typColumnType=objDataTable.columns.item(intLoopCou nter).DataType <BR><BR> objParam=objUpdateCommand.Parameters.Add("@"+strCo lumnName,typColumnType) <BR><BR> objParam.Direction=ParameterDirection.Input <BR><BR> objParam.SourceColumn=strColumnName <BR><BR> objParam.SourceVersion=DataRowVersion.Current <BR><BR>Next intLoopCounter <BR><BR>Only problem of course is that this doesn&#039;t work since typColumnType is a DBType NOT a SqlDbType. But I don&#039;t know how to get the SqlDbType from a Datacolumn! <BR><BR>Can anyone help? <BR><BR>Dan <BR>