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    Please, excuseme my english i only speek spanish.<BR><BR>Hi,<BR><BR>I need to work with File System Object but my server win2000 not accept this object. How i can setting this server.<BR><BR>Necesito trabajar con FSO pero mi servidor Windows 2000 no me permite utilizarlo. Como lo configuro para que me acepte este objeto.<BR><BR>Thanks ...

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    Default It should work...

    Look for the DLL<BR> scrrun20.dll<BR>or <BR> scrrun.dll<BR>in your c:WindowsSystem32 directory.<BR><BR>If it is there, then it should work.<BR><BR>What error message do you get? Please COPY/PASTE the *exact* error message.<BR><BR>

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    File System Object is built-in ASP . If ASP works on your Win2000, then FSO should work also.<BR><BR>My recommendation: make a complete description of the error that occurs and provide you code.<BR><BR>Post your question on the general ASP forum, not on this one...<BR><BR>

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