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    Hi<BR><BR>I have built a shopping cart and it went live about 2 weeks agao, except I am having problems as it is not that stable and I can&#039t work out why. You see the problem is that it can work fine one minute and then for no reason at all it will just bring up the following error<BR><BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039 800a01a8&#039 <BR>Object required: &#039shopper&#039 <BR>/include/utilities.asp, line 707<BR><BR><BR>If I then restart the server it works fine for a certain amount of time and then it will just chuck this error up again for no reason. Also it doesn&#039t always show to everyone...for example a customer will call saying they have this error but when I look at it it will be working fine and vice versa. It happens at least once a day and it means we have to keep restarting, does anyone have any idea at all why this maybe happening? Is it the coding or the server itself? Its running SQL 7 on NT.<BR>Any ideas would be greatfully recieved as it doesn&#039t look to good..If you would like to check out the site for yourself its at www.techdirect.net<BR><BR>thanks.<BR><BR>Caroline

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    This will produce the error every time:<BR><BR>1. I go to http://www.techdirect.net<BR>2. I click any item in the side menu -- NO PROBLEM<BR>3. I click "Buy" for one of the items from the home page<BR>4. On the registration form, the side menu links are turned off because the hyperlinks are replaced with "#"<BR>5. If I submit the form with errors, the page refreshes with an error message, but I can now click the side menu items.<BR>6. Clicking a side menu item results in your Object required: &#039shopper&#039 error.<BR>7. If I go back to the homepage by directly calling the domain name, everything resets, and the side menu works again.<BR><BR><BR>SO ...<BR><BR>When the user hits the home page from the domain, some sort of session gets started. The parameters of the session are such that it will allow a person to browse through the site, etc. without having to register first.<BR><BR>BUT ...<BR><BR>Once a person starts the registration process, something happens to this original session object, hence the error that occurs when I try to click a side menu item.<BR><BR>What I would do is find where this is happening in your code, and check the logic to see if it is being invoked in more cases that from just the registration page. My guess is that you&#039ve got a logic error in there which makes the "clear session" function get executed more often that you&#039re intending. Another thing, why bother clearing it out when the person registers at all?<BR><BR>Anyhow, this probably isn&#039t much help, but there is very little anyone can do without seeing code.

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