how can I center a Background image?

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Thread: how can I center a Background image?

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    Default how can I center a Background image?

    Does any know how to do this? <BR><BR>I&#039;ve being trying to insert a variable into meta tags too, but that doesn&#039;t work either, I&#039;m not having much luck today.<BR><BR>Ideally what I want to do is use a javascript function screen.availwidth and paste it into a cookie. The cookie is then read into asp script and is used for the theme name in the meta tag (each theme has a different sized graphic that mathes the resolution). Everything works up to the point of the meta tags not taking into account a variable of any kind.<BR><BR>So my next best bet was to make a small image and have it centerd as a background image so that it doesn&#039;t go out to the left all the time when the resolution is increased which makes the background images look rather daft.<BR><BR>Any help is much appearciated.<BR><BR><BR>Mazza :)<BR><BR>

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    Default Not an ASP question but...

    Try or for examples

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