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    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039m new to this, and want to create an internet page, that can perform queries on a database, preferably Access. Someone suggested ASP, and I would be grateful if you could suggest some books that could help me.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>John.

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    These are books I think are helpful in order of helpfulness starting with Basic to Advanced<BR><BR>1. Active Server Pages 3.0 From Scratch by Que<BR>2. Active Server Pages in 24 Hours By SAMS<BR>3. Beginning Active Server Pages 2.0 by WROX<BR>4. Professional Active Server Pages 2.0 by WROX<BR><BR>5. ASP 2.0 Programmer&#039s Reference 2.0 by WROX<BR><BR>There may be better books out there, but these are the ones<BR>I referenced for what I am doing. In general the WROX books are good. Though the QUE book is simple and easy to follow with explanation then example. All of these books do this, but QUE explains it better for beginners in my opinion. <BR><BR>Any questions, let me know,<BR><BR>Ken<BR><BR ><BR>

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