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    Hi, I'm attempting to calculate the value entered into a textfield on a webpage from a static value and display the output into another textfield immediately. I'm attempting to do the calculation onmousedown but its not working properly. Its giving me teh total a keystroke late. Are there any samples on how I can perform this calculation in real time without pressing a "calculate" button?

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    Default onMouseDown???

    Don&#039;t you mean onKeyDown?<BR><BR>If so, that&#039;s the wrong event. Try onKeyUp, instead.<BR><BR>When you use onKeyDown, you are getting the key *before* the keystroke is added into the displayed value.<BR><BR>********************<BR><BR>I might ask you what you will now do if the user does a COPY/PASTE to plunk a new value into the field.<BR><BR>Have you considered simply using a timer even to do the operation every quarter second or so? Then even if the user erases characters or plays fun mouse games you get the update.<BR><BR>

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