I am fairly good with VB, but I am learning .NET as it relates to Web Services. I installed IIS 5.0 first and then Visual Studio .NET on a Windows 2000 box, including all the various remote components, service packs, server extensions, etc. However, when I go to run the service with F5 to help build the proxy, i get an odd error: <BR><BR>"Error while trying to run project: Unable to start debugging on the web server. The server does not support debugging of ASP.NET or ATL server applications.........." <BR><BR>Aside from repeating the installations ad nauseum, I have also made sure that the .asmx file was set as the start page and that the "debug" attribute of the "compilation" element of the Web.config file is set to true. Moreover, as I am writing in VB, ATL Server should not be an issue. <BR><BR>Can anyone please give me any insight into this problem? Thanks.