Since I was out of town Friday...

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Thread: Since I was out of town Friday...

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    ... my Friday rant comes a little late. And Scott was even nice enough to post it in a Moderated forum! :-)<BR><BR><BR><BR>People, if you&#039;re going to f***ing lie about your experience, at least do a half-assed job of covering up your tracks. At least ALobo uses different names when posting :-P

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    that&#039;s great. but.... did you not hear of einstein&#039;s theory of relativity.<BR><BR>if they travel at the speed of light for a year, when they get back, to the rest of the world, it would have seemed like a number of years, i&#039;m not sure of the calculations of this, and they would have only experienced a year, so, a year&#039;s worth of experience to them could be written down as 4 years of real world experience. hehehe

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