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    Hi all,<BR>This is a typical problem for any e-commerce website developer.<BR>When the user clicks view shopping basket or puts an item in the shopping cart<BR>the Shopping Cart page is displayed with the Cart contents and there are atleast three buttons<BR>or links indicating "Buy More" , "Recalculate" and "Checkout"<BR>My question is, how to redirect the user back to the Catalog listing page he came from, to the Shopping Cart Page.<BR>I know we can use the History object of Javascript to create a sort of back button, but when the user changes the quantity in the cart and clicks Recalculate the Browser history changes and clicking the<BR>"Buy More" button will never redirect him to the Catalog Listing he came from to the Shopping cart page.<BR>I also know that we can use Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_REFERER") to go back, but even this will<BR>not redirect the user to the Catalog Listing Page from where he came to the Shopping Cart Page.<BR>If anyone of you big guys can help me out, i will really appreciate it a lot.<BR><BR><BR> thanx a lot

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    Maybe store HTTP_REFERER in a session variable when page<BR>first entered. Then redirect to session.variable.

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