can test.vb looks like this?

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Thread: can test.vb looks like this?

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    I would like to know:<BR><BR>When I want to create a class, for example, test.vb, is it a must to have a Namespace? And can there be only one class instead of 2 or 3 class?<BR><BR>Can test.vb looks like that:<BR><BR>Import System<BR>Namespace testing<BR>&nbsp;Public Class test1<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;Public Function test11()<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;End function<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;Public Function test12()<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;End function<BR>&nbsp;End Class<BR><BR>&nbsp;Public Class test2<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;Public Function test21()<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;End function<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;Public Function test22()<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;End function<BR>&nbsp;End Class<BR>End Namespace

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    You do not need to specify a namespace. I do not know if you are allowed to define two classes in the same file; I would think not. It does not make sense from a design point of view.

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