Unable to link to an asp file

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Thread: Unable to link to an asp file

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    Ambreen Guest

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    I have defined a link on my left frame that should link to an asp file but when I click the link , File download dialog results....Why it is so.How can I avoid it? If I select the option"open file from its current location" ....file is open in interdev environment....

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    RĂ©gis Guest

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    It seems to me that the trouble is that the ".ASP" files are linked to the Interdev Application in your Windows. (As ".doc" are linked to WinWord).<BR><BR>The thing to do is to go to the Option Menu, in "FileTypes", and to change the program that must open the .asp files.<BR><BR>By now, everytime you try to open an ASP file, it recognize an object you can open with interdev, and so, it asks you to save it to disk (to open it laer) or to open it from where you are with Interdev (exactly the same when you try to open a MP3 file or a movie...)

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