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    Is there a way to kill all sessions through programming?<BR>Basically, at certain points we want to kill all sessions active on our .net website. <BR><BR><BR><BR>T

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    The actions of one user would trigger the abandonment of the sessions of all users? Or do you mean that you may want to abandon all user sessions because of some maintenance issue not related to any specific user activity?<BR><BR>Brute Force Method<BR>Restart the web service. If you are using, this is as simple as making a small change to the web.config file.<BR><BR>Alternate Method<BR>One user would have to set some type of global flag like <BR>Application("LastSessionRestart") = Date.Now()<BR>This should be set in global.asax in the Application_Start() sub<BR><BR>You would also set<BR>Session("LastSessionRestart") = Application("LastSessionRestart")<BR>in global.asax in the Session_Start() Sub<BR><BR>In the code, you would have to check on every page<BR>If Session("LastSessionRestart") &#060;&#062; Application("LastSessionRestart") Then<BR> Session.Abandon<BR> Session("LastSessionRestart") = Application("LastSessionRestart")<BR>End If<BR><BR>Then, whenever you want to reset everyone&#039;s session, just reset the Application variable<BR><BR>Make sense?

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