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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am generating a HTML page with ASP containing approx. 800 delivery<BR>addresses to print on enveloppes.<BR>I use CSS to instruct IE to do page breaks after each delivery address.<BR>The HTML page does not contain any graphics, just plain text.<BR><BR>Once the page is completely genarated, I send the page to the printer and it<BR>takes around 10 minutes before getting the first enveloppe printed...<BR>"Start printing immediately" is enabled in the Printer Properties.<BR><BR>I noticed the size of the print job is 26 MB... I guess the delay is related<BR>to that.<BR><BR>How can I improve this ?<BR><BR>Thanks for your answers.<BR><BR>Frantz<BR><BR>

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    Default All computers?

    Does this occur from all computers? Or just one?<BR><BR>Are you sure the CSS is linked properly? What about embedding the style sheet in a &#060;STYLE&#062;?<BR><BR>

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