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    hi, <BR><BR> My name is vivek and I am a masters student of CS here at Case Western Reserve University, cleveland, Ohio. I have been working as a web administrator as part-time since last one month. Just last week our web site&#039s ASP pages stopped loading. I have tried all sort of things, but didn&#039t succeed. <BR><BR> Just today I was looking for some solution on net, that I came across your forum (discussion group). I am also using PWS 4.0 with NT 4.0 workstation platform. Everything was working fine and just some days back it stopped working. This website ( is for the live cardiac patients and it need to get started as soon as possible.<BR><BR> Any help from you would be very much appreciated. Tell me how did you fix your problem. I tried to register asp.dll file manually but it failed -- could that be the reason? Do I need to reinstall the whole PWS again ?<BR><BR> Thanks for your time and help.<BR><BR> Vivek Saraogi

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    I tried loading the URL you gave (, and notice that it links me to It then gives me a 404 error, which means file I requested wasn&#039t found. So that does imply that PWS/IIS is **running**.<BR><BR>My next suggestion would be to open up the PWS management app, click on Advanced, and then look at the directory that the website is pointing it. It may just have reset to somewhere else.<BR><BR>[Sorry if text isn&#039t exact. I&#039m using Windows 2000]<BR><BR>James<BR><BR>

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