Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039;m trying to construct a subclass of the ASP.NET DataGrid with<BR>automatical filter functionality. The idea is as follows:<BR><BR>The page that uses the DataGrid uses the SetQuery function to tell the<BR>grid what It&#039;s main query is. This happens in the Page_Load and it<BR>splits the query in 2 to seperatie the SELECT ... WHERE clause and the<BR>ORDER BY clause...<BR><BR>The Grid subclass adds an empty row at the top of the row and puts<BR>dynamically created comboboxes in them with all unique values from that<BR>column that come from the query. When the user selects an item form one<BR>of those comboboxes, the grid refreshes itsself by binding the old query<BR>with some self-constructed restrictions...<BR><BR><BR>The PROBLEM is that I can&#039;t find the right place to do this &#039;requery&#039;.<BR>If I put my code in the OnLoad function it&#039;s to early, because the<BR>selected value of the combobox isn&#039;t known yet. And if I put my code<BR>in the selectedIndexChanged event handler of the dynamically created<BR>combobox, it&#039;s to late to bind the grid, because when I do a DataBind<BR>with the new dataset (the dataset is OK!), the old data is still shown<BR>on the screen...<BR><BR><BR>I&#039;ve been trying to fix this for about 2 days now, but can&#039;t get it to<BR>work. It is really important to me that this works, because if it<BR>doesn&#039;t, I&#039;m going to have to place filters on every page manually<BR>instead of using this generic solution. <BR><BR><BR>Dave