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    hi, <BR><BR> My name is vivek and I am a masters student of CS here at Case Western Reserve University, cleveland, Ohio. I have been working as a web administrator as part-time since last one month. Just last week our web site&#039s ASP pages stopped loading. I have tried all sort of things, but didn&#039t succeed. <BR><BR> Just today I was looking for some solution on net, that I came across your forum (discussion group). I am also using PWS 4.0 with NT 4.0 platform. Everything was working fine and just some days back it stopped working. This website ( is for the live cardiac patients and it need to get started as soon as possible.<BR><BR> Any help from anyone would be very much appreciated. Tell me how did you fix your problem. I tried to register asp.dll file manually but it failed -- could that be the reason? Do I need to reinstall the whole PWS again ?<BR><BR> Thanks for your time and help.<BR><BR> Vivek Saraogi

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    Hi, Vivek, I had the same problem recently and the only thing that seemed to work was flattening the PC! (That is, erase everything and then rebuilding all the software.)<BR><BR>When I was researching this problem I encountered Microsoft&#039s FAQ for IIS:<BR><BR><BR>One of the items talks about the registry setting that tells IIS to run the ASP dll. The topic says:<BR><BR>The following registry key maps files of type .Asp to the appropriate Active Server Pages DLL:<BR><BR>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControl SetServicesW3SVC <BR>ParametersScript Map.<BR><BR>If you look in your Event Viewer you may find errors being logged that refer in some way to being unable to load "W3SVC". (It was for me.)<BR><BR>That&#039s all I know. I hope this is helpful.<BR><BR>Scott<BR><BR><B R>

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