Hey guys, got a stumper for you. Hopefully some of you have tried this and got an answer.<BR><BR>For starters, here is a link to an article from Microsoft on how to embed the Microsoft Heirarchial Flex Grid into a HTML page.<BR><BR>http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/dnaskdr/html/askgui05152001.asp<BR><BR>Now that we&#039;re on the same level, heres the problem. Embedding the MSHFlexGrid works fine. I can programatically access all the methods and props etc. UNTIL i go onto a non-Visual Studio pc. Then, if the control isnt on the pc the codebase param kicks in and the user gets a confirmation dialog. Good. BUT, then after the control is downloaded it absolutely does nothing. I&#039;ve created a simple HTML file with just this object in it and tested it multiple times with multiple variations across our entire intranet. Digging on the internet came up with one article about a guy having the same problem, poseted onto devX but with no solutions so i wont bother linking.<BR><BR>I&#039;m basically at a point where i&#039;m going to have to make a complete functionality rewrite of our intranet application should this fail. My hide is truely on the line on this guys, so please PLEASE post any help or guides you can give me.<BR><BR>-Thanks in advance.<BR>Jake H.<BR><BR>(for ref i double posted because i figure most people in the HTML area probably wont have used a ASP configuration like mine)