Hi,<BR><BR> I got some problems in solving &#039paging by alphabet&#039, if you don&#039t mind, can you please help me in solving those problems?<BR><BR> My paging application have no relation with the maxrecs and pagesize. It is a simple page just as below:<BR> <BR> Convey Part - X<BR> <BR> User name :(key in by user) <BR> Email :(retrieved from database)<BR> Extension :(retrieved from database)<BR> Division :(retrieved from database)<BR> Dept :(retrieved from database)<BR> <BR><BR> [ A &#124 B &#124 C &#124.......]<BR><BR><BR> The [ A &#124 B &#124 C &#124.......] represent the page instead of numbers. When the user click on A or B or C..... I want it reload the same page but with the blank form. Besides, I need to display the alphabet click by on the X part. I have tried using scriptname=request.servervariables("script_name"), but it doesn&#039t work as I expected.<BR><BR> How can I do this?<BR><BR> In advanced, thank you very much