HI! <BR><BR>I have several textboxes on a USERCONTROL. I am grabbing the values in the textbox, and inserting those values into a table through an insert proc, which works fine. Additionally, I have another page where I query the database for some information, and click on an edit link, and BIND the data to the controls on the first page, which happens to be on a tab. When I try to change the values in those controls, I am only able to grab the original values. It appears that the original values are still buffered. My guess is that I have to use TEXTCHANGED to get the values, because I am changing an exisiting value. However, I want to grab the values from all of the controls, and update the values through my stored procedure. I do not want to grab the values from each control on the firing of EVENT(TEXTCHANGED) , then store it in an array or something, and then update. Any suggestions. I am not sure if I am clear.