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    Jim Dunn Guest

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    I am trouble shooting an exiast intranet ASP application that is being used in mutliple countries (USA, GB, France). The application is having trouble handling Dates. The PC&#039s in the appropriate counties have their W98/W95 Region Settings set to whst ever country they are in. All the server side compoanats in VB have NO problems with manipulating dates. For ex. todays date in French is shown as 16-fevr-2000 and the IsDate function in the Svr VB code objects say that it is a valid date (returns TRUE). However, the same IsDate() call in the ASP returns FALSE (not a valid date). The ASP only recogizes English dates (ie FEB, MAR, ect...).<BR>How do I make the ASP code International Date Friendly? <BR>Why does ASP not honor the computers regional settings?<BR><BR>Your help is most greatfully appreciated! Thank You!

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    Leungas Guest

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    The reason you get this error is because in ASP script, it is the server that do the job so if your server is an English based server then you can access other countries date systems. <BR><BR>My best guess is to use COM to access the server registry to modify the system to the date verison and do your stuff then...<BR><BR>The other way to do it is to use numbers only when you are working with server side dates. But the catch you need to take care of is the date format much match the server system settings.<BR><BR>Hope this helps

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