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    Does the referrer variable tell you just the page that sent it or the full referring string if the later how do I call it. (cant remember)<BR><BR>If not what I am tring to achieve is that I have three select cases say two of them send information to the third<BR><BR>Case "userfoundbysearch"<BR><BR><BR>Case "listofusersexpired"<BR><BR>Case "moreinfo"<BR><BR>So I want to set up something in moreinfo that can distinguish which case sent the info so a "Back" link can be placed.<BR><BR>I could do it through a querstrying value but I thought there might be a tidier way

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    Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_REFERER")<BR><BR>It gives you all the query string as well.

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    Default RE: not all the query string

    It will give you the name of last page where you are coming from.

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