Hello<BR><BR>I am a rookie programmer on my first ASP.NET project. I have reached a point where I have realised that the 10-20 forms in the project could be built from a handful of modular forms comprising input and verification controls along with some logic. <BR><BR>My first move was to put each section into a user control. This is perfect for my needs in every way except that when I build the greater pages in the designer the user controls don&#039;t have any size, which seems to make it impossible to use a flow layout and difficult to use a grid layout. <BR><BR>I have been looking at custom controls, including composite controls, but it just seems a headache, and I&#039;d rather use the designer for the control itself... <BR><BR>Also since this is my first project, I don&#039;t know where it will go or how it will end up. Does anybody out there have a view on building building simple aggregated controls that are easy to use and themselves easy to build?<BR><BR>TIA<BR>TimH