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    I have a file with a couple thousand records. I wish to store these records in a database. My code loops thru the file and grabs 1000 records at a time and sends it off to a stored procedure which updates the necessary table (I did this to save time i.e. sending off multiple records instead of individual records).<BR><BR>Recently, I noticed that on its second trip its halts with the following error message: Invalid parameter number <BR>I have searched on the web, but I&#039;m still not clear as to what this message means.<BR><BR>I&#039;ll appreciate any help you could offer.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>

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    Could possibly mean that an invalid value is being passed to a required SProc input paramater...<BR><BR>Might want to check field lengths, values in rows of data being passed, etc...<BR><BR>--Jason<BR>www.xspydr.com

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