I&#039;ve written an app that people upload their Word Documents, I convert it to HTML (using Word&#039;s File Save As HTML) and then they send the HTML out as email using CDONTs. <BR>The problem is images. If they include an image it doesn&#039;t show up in the email even though the images are stored on the webserver and are correctly referenced in the email. I have tried the following ways to force the image to show:<BR>1. Using ContentBase & ContentLocation - did nothing to show images, even if the base & location correctly point to the image on the webserver.<BR>2. Replacing the relative links in the email with full path including server name (http://www.myserver.com/image1.gif) Didn&#039;t work, even though I could copy & paste the URL into a browser and have it appear.<BR><BR>With #2, I can view the source of the email & paste it into Notepad and save it as .HTML and it displays correctly, so I&#039;m sure the URL is accurate.<BR><BR>I&#039;m thinking it must be all the junk Word dumps in the HTML when it coverts it. Has anyone done this and has a suggestion?<BR>TIA!