Hello,<BR><BR>I am currently stumped. I am creating a POP3 client that needs to the ability to mark message as read and needs to determine if a message has been marked by another client. The other clients would all be MS products (outlook,outlookexpress,Web based outlook).<BR><BR>I am aware that POP3 doesn&#039;t support this function and IMAP does. Unfortunatly I don&#039;t have the option of using IMAP. Since this client and other clients will be used I can&#039;t track the "read status" on the client. It needs to be done at the POP3 level. <BR><BR>I have heard that this can be done by reading the Status line from the email header. I don&#039;t see this line when I look at the header with the outlook client or directly on POP3. <BR><BR>The MS clients are figuring it out somehow because reading a message with outlook express marks it read in Web Based Outlook. They have to be getting the info through POP or from exchange server.<BR><BR>Can anyone explain how the MS clients do this? Detail is welcomed.<BR><BR>I have been searching for several hours without luck. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>Eric