Think on this one... NEED ADVICE..HELP!!!!!

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Thread: Think on this one... NEED ADVICE..HELP!!!!!

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    I have been working on the Application such that<BR>everything else except DB access is done in COM object.<BR>Rest is in the ASP Script.<BR><BR>My colleague (just joined 2 weeks back) says that he usually develops the whole page as a COM object. that way it is easier to debug, and intellectual property is maintained.<BR><BR>Why don&#039t the resources on the web suggest this kind of approach?<BR>What are the advantages/disadvantages in the way he is doing?<BR>Should I change my work in the same manner. i.e. implement everything in an ASP page in a dll.<BR><BR>I really appreciate someone giving me opinion on this.<BR>Thanks,<BR>Tammy

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    I would rather but the DB access in COM, but probably not everything....<BR><BR>My reasons:<BR>- doing DB access in COM hide every from everybody all over the internet. Putting in ASP can still means that if they download the ASP page, they got your database password and username. Also COM can provide generic functions for database access so you can get things done easier.<BR><BR>- I would not do everything in COM since some of the little things is not complicated, so why use COM for it? Int. Property was never an issue since people swap ideas in boards like this anyway so why bother!<BR><BR>- I also don&#039t think debugging COM is easier, in fact I think it is harder since you need to modify VB so that it debug with MTS support. Somethings it can be the most annoying thing.<BR><BR>These are my reasons, whether you like it or not, it is up to you.

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    Sometimes developing in a COM / ASP enviroment is overkill.<BR><BR>Working right now on a site where we execute stored procedures in COM layer by calling their method in ASP.<BR><BR>It feels therefore doing everything twice, as can use ADO direct from asp.<BR><BR>But I&#039m just a contractor..sob, and the tech specs were done by a Unix die hard<BR><BR>

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