I&#039;ve created a page where some users in my company can upload files to certain directory. When I did my tests with at 19k file, the processing took 3-5 seconds. When I did tests with a 189k file, I got a timeout (I had set it for 10 minutes). I&#039;ve put in some response.writes to see where it gets bogged down, and it appears to be here:<BR>for nIndex = 1 to LenB( binaryData)<BR> postBinData = postBinData & Chr(AscB(MidB( binaryData, nIndex, 1)))<BR>next<BR><BR>where binaryData = Request.BinaryRead(Request.TotalBytes)<BR><BR>I tried one approach where I used another intermediate variable, so that postBinData2 was being used, and postBinData was written to every tenth cycle through. That got my time down to about 2.5 minutes for the 189k file. However, that is still exorbitantly long, and the files that are being posted are typically 1-10M.<BR><BR>Any ideas about what I can do to speed this up?