I use ASP Upload to upload documents into a SQL Server database. The insert is fine. However, I want the user to be able to update the existing document because it is updated daily. I am having problems with the update section. Please help! Urgent!!<BR>Here is my code:<BR>For Each File in Upload.Files<BR>Set rsSQL = Server.CreateObject("adodb.recordset")<BR>str = "SELECT * FROM MYIMAGES WHERE Filename = &#039;" &File.ExtractFileName&"&#039; "<BR>Response.Write str<BR>rsSQL.open str,objConn,3,3<BR>next<BR>If NOT rsSQL.recordcount =0 Then<BR>For Each File in Upload.Files<BR> Set rsSQL1 = Server.CreateObject("adodb.recordset")<BR>rsSQL1.O pen "MyImages", strConnect, 2, 2, 2<BR>While Not rsSQL1.eof<BR>IF rsSQL1("Filename").Value=File.ExtractFileName Then<BR>rsSQL1("Image1").Value = File.Binary<BR>rsSQL1("Filename").Value = File.ExtractFileName &#039;get file name <BR><BR>END IF<BR>rsSQL1.movenext<BR>WEND