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    When I use the following statement:<BR><BR>sql = "SELECT Catalog.Product, Catalog.Description, Catalog.PartNumber, Catalog.YearBegin, Catalog.YearEnd, Catalog.OurPrice FROM [Catalog] WHERE (((Catalog.Product) Like &#039;" & Request.QueryString("Brand") &"*&#039;) AND ((Catalog.Model)=&#039;" & Request.QueryString("Model") & "&#039;)) ORDER BY Product"<BR><BR>no records are being returns, but the problem is that both of the querystrings are controlled as to always return some sort of the value.<BR><BR>I think the problem lies in the "Like" arguement because I want to bring back any records that begin with the same characters.<BR><BR>I&#039;m sorry if that was confusing. Please help.

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    try using % instead of *<BR><BR>if that doesn&#039;t work, response.write the sql string, and see if everything is correct.

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