I am having an issue with an Nt4 machine receiving a file posted to it. I have a page which receives the file and decodes the data using the binary read method, however there is nothing there to be read. The process is working on another nt machine that I have so I know the process should work but just the one machine won&#039;t do it. I cannot remember what steps I took when building the machine that works. <BR><BR>I have tried re applying service pack 6a and windows option pack, and I also have several NT security packs which I have run, Many of these update the asp.dll but none fix the issue. I also have IE5.5 installed<BR><BR>The only differences I have noticed between the machines are that the machine that works fine recognises the default.asp file instantly when a new site is created where as the faulty machine does not, also the good machine has a winnt and winnt40 folder with the winnt being the system folder. the faulty machine uses winnt40 onlyh and does not have a winnt folder. I believe that the way i installed nt or the disk I used may be the problem but i am unsure what it could be. <BR><BR>Any help would be brilliant.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>colin<BR><BR>