ok so im working on some validation for a date field and I have done some code which I will show below. That works and checks the date is not before today and there is not special characters e.t.c.<BR><BR>What I need to do now is build on that by saying "If someone enters the date like dd.mm.yy or ddmmyy then it will change the "." or "\" to "/" so the date diff function will work. Once that is done I can tell it to format the date in case they entered it dd/mmm/yy or dd/mmm/yyyy<BR><BR>I&#039;ve looked at the faqd and tried using a string = replace (Request.form("endate"),. , /) but I got the syntax wrong.<BR><BR><BR>so the code that does work is below - how to I integrate the above into this.<BR><BR>************************************* ****<BR><BR>dtNow = Date()<BR> iDaysDifference = DateDiff("d", enddate, dtNow)<BR> If inStrGrp(Request.Form("enddate"),"!£$%^&*()}{][~@#:;?&#062;&#060;,&#124¬`") = True OR enddate= "" Or enddate = " " OR Len(enddate) &#060; 2 OR iDaysDifference =&#062; 0 Then<BR> enddateerror = True<BR> errorlist = errorlist + "The End Date field is empty, contains invalid characters or is before today"<BR> errorlist = errorlist + "<BR>"