The site I want to set up generates dynamic web pages based on values stored in a database or XML files. Depending from where a person links to the site (ABCSite, OPQSite, XYZSite, they will access either the ABCSite, OPQSite, or XYZSite Database settings.<BR><BR>Is it practical to store the entire table in a Cache object (through dataset)? Each table row would contain up to 30 different settings, and it would need to be able to work eventually with 60 or more rows. <BR><BR>I could split up the table and separate the less frequently accessed data and put it in a separate cache object (for scavenging purposes). <BR> <BR>I just hate to have to access a table for each page access. Would it also be practical to store memo fields in this dataset about the size of this response text? <BR><BR>Any info on how this might affect performance on a server will be appreciated.<BR>