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    I would like to pass data with spaces e.g. &#039the dance company&#039 as a hyperlink to another ASP page. What I have tried works well in IE because IE replaces the spaces with %20. However, Netscape goes crazy on me and gives me a malformed syntax error. Please help...I need to find an example that will work with both browsers. Thanks.

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    function parseSpace(instr)<BR> parseSpace = replace(instr, " ", "%20")<BR>end function<BR><BR>function unParseSpace(instr)<BR> unParseSpace = replace(instr, "%20", " ")<BR>end function<BR><BR>Between those, you have browser compatibility. Users are going to hate your URLs, though... have you considered using "_" instead of " "?

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    sounds like a case of using:-<BR><BR>server.URLencode(variablename)<BR>(this should reolves your &#039illegal&#039 characters)<BR><BR>to resolve your netscape problems. It&#039s a nightmare finding things to work fine with IE only to die with NETSCAPE.<BR><BR>fl1rt

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