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    I have a server running NT. I have a couple of my own sites that use .asp forms. You don&#039;t have to fill out this form to submitt. The page redirects to the correct page, but it never sends the content. I for the life of me can&#039;t remember doing anything new to the server, but now none of the site on the server are sending via email the contents of the form. Can anyone give me an idea on what to check?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default Errors? (eop)


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    I also had a form working correctly last week, but it suddenly has stopped emailing the results... I didn&#039;t make any changes to the code (which I got from the Mailing Form Results tutorial on this site) and I was told that the only thing thing regarding the server that was changed is that we now have our URL pointing to the right IP address. <BR><BR>It gives me no errors. It seems to work fine... redirects correctly... but no email

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