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    We are using Front Page so far for our web application development. As you guys know, it is not a perfect tool for web application development. We are planning to change the tool for something better than. I appreciate if anybody let us know which tool is the best for web application development. Thanks..JY

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    DreamWeaver is a good tool. There are many free, and commercial components available to assist developers in applications they are designing. Also, DreamWeaver is cost efficent, where as a tool such as VisualStudio is much more expensive, and harder to learn. ASP.Net also has a free development tool.

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    Default Best? There is no "best".

    There are personal preferences. I personally WILL NOT use a tool that writes code, changes code, or even thinks about changing my code/html.<BR><BR>I use EditPlus and Macromedia&#039;s Homesite.

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