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    Default Bugs in ASP.NET

    I heard from other programmers NOT to use ASP.Net as it still has some bugs in it. Is that true, or should I start learning ASP.NET?

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    Default true

    but also in J2EE, Java, VB6 and whatever are still bugs. As well as the code you produce ;-) but that&#039;s not a reason to not start learning .Net<BR><BR>Personally I really think it&#039;s great, and we&#039;re using it for some pretty important stuff...

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    Default No significant program...

    ...is 100% bug-free.<BR><BR>So if you want to only use bug-free code, stick to trivial programs.<BR><BR>Now, the only question is: How big is the maximum size for "trivial"?<BR><BR>Personally, I&#039;d bet on about 10 lines of code. Anything past that is starting to get dangerous.<BR><BR>

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