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    Ok i just need to know a few more things, and hopefully some of you guys can help me out.<BR><BR>1)How can i work out if a certain user is still online? All the pages the user will be able to view has a "check this password etc etc" so i could work it out that way, but would prefer to try and use sessions<BR><BR>2)Work out when a visitor last visited the site. I would like it so that this is only updated when the user LEAVE the site or CLOSES the browser - so it cant be updated on every page<BR><BR>3)Work out what users are on what pages. Again will probably mean sessions but how?!<BR><BR>4)Work out what pages (threads) the user has looked at. I know both vbulletin and snitz do something with the users last visit (question 2) and the last post...but how does it work?!<BR><BR>cheers to anyone that can help :)<BR>

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    Default Crosspost and not advanced. <eop>


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