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    Ok i just need to know a few more things, and hopefully some of you guys can help me out.<BR><BR>1)How can i work out if a certain user is still online? All the pages the user will be able to view has a "check this password etc etc" so i could work it out that way, but would prefer to try and use sessions<BR><BR>2)Work out when a visitor last visited the site. I would like it so that this is only updated when the user LEAVE the site or CLOSES the browser - so it cant be updated on every page<BR><BR>3)Work out what users are on what pages. Again will probably mean sessions but how?!<BR><BR>4)Work out what pages (threads) the user has looked at. I know both vbulletin and snitz do something with the users last visit (question 2) and the last post...but how does it work?!<BR><BR>cheers to anyone that can help ;)

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    When they long in, you asign them a session, and associate that session with that user. As they move form page to page, you record that information in a database. <BR><BR>That really covers all of your questions. As you record each page they vist, you also record the time that they requested it. That will give you the last time they were on the site, and it the last page request was within the last ~10 minutes, (of whatever you decide is reasonable, you can consider them to be "online".

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