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    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039;ve been thinking about starting an ambicious project - a web portal. I want to start up with a simple generic portal that, at first, would be based on content, featuring some channels that cover different topics.<BR><BR>Anyway, the thing is I&#039;m really lost about the way to start it up. How to plan something bigger, what to do first... is there a standard way of thinking when it comes to something like this?<BR>Where can I find more information about structuring big sites, whether it&#039;s a portal or a big corporate network?

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    the buzzword you&#039;re looking for is &#039;information architecture&#039;<BR><BR>O&#039;Reilly have a pretty good book on the subject by Rosenfeld and Morville which lives on my desk - but information architecture is really little more than common sense and planning.

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