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    Default multiple selects and criteria filtering

    I found a thread here that comes very close to what I am looking for, but I&#039;d like to take it a step further.<BR><BR>The original question was:<BR>"This might be simple for you, but I just can&#039;t figure it out. I have built a large database with several categories of products. What code do I write to make a list selection in one box (main categories) bring up another list box with items only associated with the intial category selected (I hope that made sense.)?"<BR><BR>The answer was posted as a demo here:<BR><BR>(you can also see the code for this demo at this same page)<BR><BR>My users want the option to make *multiple* selections from a listbox that then brings up another listbox with items only associated with the initial items selected. They want to do the same with this new listbox that brings up a final listbox of items. They then want to make a final selection of one or more items from this final listbox that then displays the records for these items on the page.<BR><BR>Have you created, used, or seen anything similar to this?

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    Default So what's the difference?

    That&#039;s my website, incidentally.<BR><BR>But what&#039;s the difference? Just make it &#060;SELECT ... MULTIPLE ...&#062; and pass all the values to the sub-select.<BR><BR>I can&#039;t see how you would need any meaningful code changes, at all.<BR><BR>

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