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    I&#039;m trying to create a webapp that will allow people to upload their word documents and the server will automatically convert them to html. I try to run the following code when the upload button is clicked: <BR><BR>Dim oWord As Word.Application <BR>Dim oDoc As Word.Document <BR>oWord = CreateObject("Word.Application") <BR><BR>but I get the error "Cannot create ActiveX component." I have also tried automating word with the following code: <BR><BR>Dim oWord As New Word.Application() <BR><BR>but instead I get the error "Access is denied." I have set the reference to Microsoft Word Object Library in Project-&#062;Add Reference, but it still won&#039;t let me open up Word. I can write a Windows Application that works, but I can&#039;t get to work. <BR><BR>I resolved the problem on my own by creating a user called ASPNET with permissions to launch and access the Microsoft Word Document component. I can now see that winword is being executed, but when I try to open or create a new MS Word .doc, I get an error saying it can&#039;t load the macro. <BR><BR>My question is: How can I open up the word document in winword now that I&#039;ve launched the program?

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    Advanced Q&A; ASP Components;<BR><BR>Please see FAQ #110 on

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