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    I currently have a stats type db and want to build in an automatic backup/archive of all the tables/records/data for future viewing and manipulation. I figured I would try to take all the current data and copy it to tables with different names and erase the data in the old tables. Then each time I want to archive the stats, I would have new tables created with new names for the new archive.<BR><BR>Is this a good way to do it. Or is there a better way (most likely), if there is?

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    I&#039;d do it like this: have 2 tables, one called CurrentData the other ArchiveData. Every so often run a script that will pull the data from CurrentData and insert it into ArchiveData, then, after it&#039;s done, delete the data from CurrentData. This will keep currentdata small and workable.. ArchiveData will just keep getting bigger and bigger (Unless you write a script to further archive--or simply delete--old data from the ArchiveData table) You could also keep a totally seperate DB for archivedata..

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