Image resizing, how does this work?

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Thread: Image resizing, how does this work?

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    Default Image resizing, how does this work?

    I just found an interesting article on . My question is, has anyone tried this and how to I use it with an upload page to create an extra file in another folder? So that if I upload an image to c:images an extra (smaller) file will be created in c: humbs ... With a specific width. Hope somebody can help!

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    Default that is *not* RE-sizing

    That only finds the size of the current file.<BR><BR>Period. <BR><BR>It does *NOT* help you resize your images, at all.<BR><BR>To resize an image, you need to purchase a 3rd party ActiveX control. I use one from "Tiligence" (that I found via and their list of ActiveX components) that works pretty well, but there are many others. The real problem is that very few (if any?) ISPs will allow you to load such components onto their systems.<BR><BR>

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